Arthur Fleck, a way of life


In a world where Joker's actions are frowned upon, Anushka Sharma, 3rd Year, MAM, emphasis upon the darkness that is bestowed upon him and everyone of us, by the society we call to be our own.

An agent of chaos, but a survivor at heart
he was spreading happiness, 
until they tore him apart.
Doesn’t his paranoia resonate with you too?
Because more often than not, 
that’s what this world does to you.
Demurring your every move,
every slight step you ever take, 
preventing you from feeling whole
And then calling you a fake.
Burning cars and burning streets
seemed metaphorical to me,
They were amorphous emotions brought to life,
That condemned the ever eminent glee.
The gun in his hand, betrays his will to exist
And the happiness that follows,
Is symbolic of feeling like he finally fit in.
Calumny is a way of life,
That no one wants to recover from,
And disinterested is what everyone pretends to be,
When humanity should stand together, strong.
Equivocality is tearing us all apart,
And would invariably continue to be extant,
In spite of the creation of
such thought provoking art.


Illustration by Vishrut Sharma

Posted by Anushka Sharma

Writing helps me detoxicate.